Below is a partial list of completed projects. References available upon request.

OwnerLocationCrossing TypeBore TypeLengthSize
AT&TCharleston, SCWando RiverHDD5,700 ft.12"
AGLWaycross, GAWetlandsHDD3,800 ft.8"
Boardwalk PipelineLake Charles, LACalcasieu RiverHDD3,700 ft.8"
Colonial PipelineEpes, ALTombigbee RiverHDD2,000 ft.36"
Colonial PipelineKrotz Springs, LAAtchafalaya RiverHDD2,500 ft.36"
Denbury ResourcesDonaldsonville, LAMississippi RiverHDD7,200 ft.24"
El Paso GasCharleston, WVRiverHDD1,500 ft.20"
El Paso GasPetal, MSHighway 11 & WetlandsHDD1,100 ft.16"
EMPCoWilmington, ILForked CreekHDD1,800 ft.18"
FGT/Energy TransferLithia, FLAgricultural & WetlandsHDD2,400 ft.36"
Florida GasCentral FloridaRoad BoresRoad Bores15.251 ft.30-36"
Florida GasClearwater, FLCongested City InfrastructureHDD7,200 ft.12"
Florida GasLutz, FLRoads/railroadsDirect Pipe340 ft.36"
Florida GasOrlando, FLWetlandsHDD4,100 ft.24"
Florida GasOrlando, FLWetlandsHDD3,200 ft.24"
Florida GasPlant City, FLRoads/railroadsDirect Pipe791 ft.30"
Florida GasTampa, FLWetlandsHDD3,700 ft.26"
Florida GasTampa, FLWetlandsHDD2,300 ft.26"
Genesis EnergyPort Allen, LARailroads/canals/etc.Direct Pipe800 ft.36"
Gulf South GasMeridian, MSSwampHDD2,100 ft.42"
Gulf South GasMeridian, MSSwampHDD2,500 ft.42"
Gulf StreamOkeechobee, FLWetlandsHDD1,240 ft.36"
Jackson Electric AuthorityJacksonville, FLSensitive AreaHDD2700 ft.30"
Jackson Electric AuthorityJacksonville, FLI-95HDD2,349 ft.24"
Jackson Electric AuthorityJacksonville, FLI-95HDD2,000 ft.30"
Jackson Electric AuthorityJacksonville, FLI-95HDD3,300 ft.30"
Jackson Electric AuthorityJacksonville, FLI-95HDD1,600 ft.24"
Kinder MorganTexas & LARivers/lakes/wetlandsHDD100,000 ft.42"
Kinder MorganNachitoches, LABlack LakeHDD3,800 ft.30"
Maurepas Pipeline PartnersSt. James, LAMississippi RiverHDD5,800 ft.24"
TransCanadaCreston, WVLittle Kanawha RiverHDD1,300 ft.36"
TransCanadaSulphur, LALand to waterHDD6,600 ft.36"
Williams TranscoButler, ALBogueloosa CreekDirect Pipe1,550 ft.42"